External Output with Intensity and DeckLink Cards

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vMix features the ability to output video to an Intensity Pro, Shuttle or DeckLink Card.
Follow the steps below to begin using the External Output feature.

Important Note: Each Intensity and DeckLink card can only perform one task at a time, either Capture or Output.

To capture and output at the same time you will need two or more devices, one for each.

1. Download and install the latest drivers for your Intensity or DeckLink device.

       Downloads are available here: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/

2. Open the BlackMagic Design Control Panel, it is available in the Hardware and Sound section of the Control Panel.

3. Make sure the setting under Set Output matches the connector you will be using. For example HDMI & Component if using either HDMI or Component outputs.

4. Open vMix, click the Advanced button and go to the Performance tab.

Output Format should be set to UYVY for the majority of external televisions and monitors.
Some devices may only support RGB32 which can be selected here also.

5. Under the External Output tab, select DeckLink Renderer and configure the settings as follows:

Frame Rate: In most cases this should be set to either PAL 50i or 25p or NTSC 59.94i or 29.97p

Output Size: For full HD select 1920x1080, for SD select either 720x576 (For PAL) or 720x480 (For NTSC)
Device: Select the correct DeckLink device here
Port: This setting should match the connector being used, for example HDMI or Component

6. Click OK to confirm your settings and head back to the main vMix Window.

7. Click the External Button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen next to the Cog Button. The output of vMix should now appear on your external display.

       If the external display is blank, make sure the correct connector is being used on the DeckLink device. (There are separate outputs for input and output for both HDMI and Component on the Intensity Pro/Shuttle)