Multi Bitrate Support

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vMix supports Multi Bitrate streaming with both the FMLE and FFMPEG streaming applications

Settings relating to Multi Bitrate support are described in detail below:

Streaming Quality Window

Multi Bitrate streaming can be enabled by enabling more than one bit rate in the Streaming Quality window as shown.

In the example above, two streams are enabled, one at 1500kbps and 640x360 and one at 3000kbps at 1280x720.

Independent Audio Bit Rates

Independent Audio Bit Rates  can also be selected when using FFMPEG only. In FMLE audio bit rates are the same for each streams.

Stream Key

By default vMix will append a number to the end of the stream key when Multi Bitrate is used.

For example, with three streams a Stream Key of "myStream" will become myStream1, myStream2, and myStream3

If each Stream Key is named differently, consider using Multiple Destinations instead.