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Triggers can be used to automate tasks when an Input either begins a transition (OnTransitionIn), begins a transition out (OnTransitionOut) or when a video completes playback (OnCompletion)

OnOverlayIn and OnOverlayOut can also be used when an Input is used as an Overlay

An unlimited number of tasks can be added, with each task running in the order it appears in the list.

In the example above the Title 1 input is turned on as an overlay 1 second after the current input begins a transition. After 5 seconds the overlay is turned off again.



Select a task or transition effect (such as Fade, Cut etc)

Note that in order to prevent loops, transition effects have no effect for OnTransitionIn or OnTransitionOut.


Select the Input the Function applies to (if applicable)


Select the duration of the transition effect (if applicable)


This trigger will wait for the selected amount of time (in milliseconds) before completing the selected Function and moving on to the next item in the list.

Important Note: Duration is limited to 30 seconds maximum (30000 ms). Any duration higher than this will be limited to 30 seconds by vMix, to prevent triggers occurring later in a production unexpectedly.
Therefore, Triggers should not be used for long running operations, instead look at the PlayList or Scripting features.

Triggers and MultiView Overlays

Triggers will only be activated on the primary input. For example if Input A is setup with Input B and C as MultiView Overlays, only the Input A trigger will be used.
The exception to this is OnCountdownCompleted which will trigger regardless.