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The List feature can be used to create a playlist of video and audio files.

The Randomise button can be used to shuffle the list (useful for example when playing a set of music videos for example)

M3U files are supported which can contain a combination of video and audio filenames.

List Control

To switch between items with the playlist, right click the preview area of the input and left click the item from the dropdown list.

Edit Items

Click Edit Items in the right click menu to open up the List Editing Tab in the main vMix window.

This tab can be undocked and placed on a separate monitor by clicking the pin button at the top left hand corner.

Auto Next

Toggle the "Auto Next" button to enable/disable automatic playback of the next item in the list. This option is enabled by default.

Auto First

Toggle the "Auto First" button to enable/disable always playing from the first item in the list before a transition to output.


Toggle the "Loop" button to have the list play from the beginning when it reaches the end of the list.


Individual videos in the list may not be detected as Interlaced in some situations. Toggle this button to enable interlaced processing for a particular video.


Click the Add button to add one or more items to the list.

Files can also be dragged and dropped into the Edit - List window


Click Edit to change the name of the selected item

Click Remove to remove one or more items from the list. There must be at least one active item in the List at all times

Note: These options do not change the underlying files, so files will not be deleted or renamed.


Randomise the order of items in the list


Export the current List as an M3U file


A list item can be disabled by clicking the checkbox. When disabled the item will be skipped during playback.

Up/Down Arrows

The up and down arrows can be used to move the selected item up or down in the list.

List Duration

If supported by the video or audio format, vMix will display a Total Time Remaining for the entire List.

In the screenshot below, Clip 1 is 21 minutes and 27 seconds in length and there is 1 hour, 4 minutes and 22 seconds remaining.