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PlayList provides the ability to automate switching tasks or play multiple videos sequentially.

Click the Cog Button next to PlayList to bring up the PlayList window.

Click PlayList to start or stop the PlayList once it has been configured.

PlayList Window

Loop: Start PlayList from the beginning again when completed.

Begin from selected item: Start the PlayList from the item currently selected in the list.

Clear Overlays: Turn off all overlays before starting playlist.

Manual Mode: When in Manual Mode, the playlist will not automatically progress to the next input until Next is clicked.

Start: Start the PlayList from the beginning

Previous: Jump to the previous item in the playlist using the PlayList item's transition

Next: Skip to the next item in the playlist using the PlayList item's transition.

Creating a PlayList

To create a PlayList, click the PlayList button from the bottom left hand corner of vMix.
Select an input from the Available Inputs column and click the > arrow to add it to the Playlist.

Editing PlayList item

Each item in the right hand Playlist can have its own starting position, duration, transition and transition time.
Double click the item in the list to bring up the settings window.

Starting Position: If the PlayList item is a video clip, a starting position can be set here. If the Starting Position checkbox is not checked the item will start playing from the current position.

Duration: Set length of time this PlayList item will run before moving to the next item in the list. If the duration is 0 the PlayList will default to the inputs duration.

Transition: Set a Transition Effect for this PlayList item.

Transition Duration: Set the Transition Duration for the Transition Effect in milliseconds.

Display Type: Optionally select the display type for this PlayList item. When an Overlay is set as the Display Type this PlayList item will appear as an overlay over the previous PlayList item, display for the length of the duration before

moving to the next item.

Opening/Saving a PlayList

PlayLists are linked to the currently active Preset in vMix. This means any saved playlists can only be loaded alongside the preset in which they were created.