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The Flash Input allows you to insert SWF and FLV files as well as Live RTMP streams into vMix.

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer (version 10 or higher) should be installed first.

NOTE: At this feature relies on Adobe Flash Player for support, a number of restrictions and limitations, particularly with audio apply.

To bring in RTMP streams, consider using the Stream input instead with the VLC dropdown option.

Flash Settings


A URL can also be typed in if it refers directly to a SWF file.

e.g http://www.example.com/test.swf

RTMP Streams

RTMP Streams can be loaded into vMix in the following URL format: rtmp://web_site_url/live/myStream
Refer to the documentation of the streaming server for the correct URL format for your particular stream.

RTMP Buffer

The RTMP Buffer can be configured to assist with either low speed connections or low-latency streams.

Set this to 0 if you have a fast connection and want the least amount of delay possible.


Converting FLV files prior to another format such as AVI prior to use in vMix may result in better performance.

Alpha Channel

The alpha channel transparency within the SWF file is fully preserved allowing the use of Flash Animations as animated overlays.

(For example an animated watermark or logo)

Flash Mouse Input

vMix will automatically send any mouse movement or clicks from the Preview / Output windows directly to the flash control.

Flash will also receive mouse input if it has been setup as an MultiView Overlay on top of another input.

This allows for the possibility of using a transparent flash based drawing control, to enable drawing on top of another input (such as a Video Delay for Sports)