The following are Advanced Settings that are only visible when the Show Advanced Settings tick box is enabled.

IMPORTANT: These settings should not be changed unless instructed to do so by vMix Support.

Many of these settings can potentially have an adverse effect on performance and quality on most systems.


Output Format

Renders to recordings, vMix Virtual Capture and External Output in the specified format if supported by the graphics hardware.

This should be left at the default of UYVY in most cases.

Video Renderer

Some codecs such as H264 perform better under the new EVR renderer which can be selected here.

For reliability the VMR9 renderer should be selected if you are unsure.

Preview Skip

Tick this option to skip every x frames when rendering the preview. 

For example if the output is rendering at 30fps and the Preview Skip is set to one, Preview windows will render at 15fps.

This is useful to improve performance on older Graphics Cards.

Application Priority

If you have other programs running alongside vMix, you can set a higher priority here to prevent dropped frames.

Automatically convert 16-235 to 0-255 for YUV inputs

Tick this box if the black level on inputs such as videos and cameras displays as dark grey.

This setting is automatically handled and detected by vMix internally and should not be changed under most circumstances.

Disable Effects on Input Windows

Disable render effects such as Deinterlacing and Colour Correction on the Input Windows.

Synchronise Output with Refresh Rate

Tick this option to eliminate tearing on the Fullscreen Output Window.

(Tearing looks like flickering lines in the middle of the video)

This option is not required and may actually reduce performance when using vMix with Windows 7 in Aero Glass mode or Windows 8 and higher

Enable FlipEx on Fullscreen / Previews

When enabled this setting improves video smoothness on the Fullscreen and/or Preview windows.

This may need to be disabled on some laptops with hybrid graphics.

Memory Lock

This option is not documented.


Interlaced Recording

Enables interlaced recording and external output under the following scenarios:

Master Frame Rate is 50p or higher and recording or external Frame Rate is interlaced

Master Frame Rate is interlaced and recording or external Frame Rate is interlaced

Note: NTSC 480i recordings are lower field first, all other recordings are upper field first.

See Interlaced Support for more information.


Master Sample Rate

Specify the master sampling rate to use for all audio mixes including the vMix Audio device.

Either 44.1khz or 48khz are supported.

Master Bit Rate

Specify the master bit rate to use for all audio mixes including the vMix Audio device.

Either 16bit or 32bit are supported.

NOTE: 32bit is not supported by most recording formats.

Recording Audio

Select the audio source to use in recordings, external output and streaming.

This should be vMix Audio by default.

See Recording Audio for more information.