Audio Outputs allows up to eight independently controllable audio outputs (excluding Headphones output)

If both Master Output and Headphones are set to the same device, Headphones will take priority.

Master Output

Select the output to send the Master audio mix to. This is the default audio mix

used for streaming, recording and external output.


Select the output to send the Headphones audio mix to. 

This mix is the same as Master Output except when Solo is enabled on an input.

When Solo is enabled on an input only that input will be heard.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G

These are optionally auxiliary audio buses that can be configured as an independent mix from the Audio Mixer.

For additional information about the audio buses feature, see the Audio Mixer documentation.

Audio Channels

Many sound cards provide 3 or more stereo outputs from a single device.

These are typically used to output surround sound, but can be used to output up to three independent stereo audio mixes in vMix.

1 + 2 The most common setting for standard stereo audio outputs

3 + 4 This will send a stereo mix out over the output usually used for Center-Subwoofer

5 + 6 This will send a stereo mix out over the output usually used for RearLeft-RearRight

VST devices may offer more than 3 outputs in mono or stereo (1+2) configurations which can also be selected here.

When selecting a mono output, the stereo mix in vMix will be mixed down to mono automatically.

Default Bus for New Inputs

Advanced audio scenarios may require inputs to be sent to an auxiliary bus such as A and B when they are added for the first time.

This default can be configured here.