Shortcuts can be assigned to almost any key on the keyboard.

Web Interface

All shortcuts are available from the built in web interface allowing you to use any web enabled

device to control vMix. See Web for more information.

MIDI / X-Keys

Shortcuts can be assigned to buttons, faders and knobs on any MIDI compatible device.
X-keys controllers are also supported automatically by vMix and show up as MIDI commands as well.

Contour Design ShuttlePROv2

Shortcuts can be assigned to any button on the ShuttlePROv2. 
The shuttle/jog wheel also works as a MIDI JogWheel which can be assigned to various shortcuts such as ReplayJumpFrames and ReplayChangeSpeed.

Elgato Stream Deck / Stream Deck Mini

Elgato Stream Deck devices can be used as a vMix controller.

Simply install the vMix Shortcuts plugin in the Stream Deck software from the Plugin Store. (version 4.0 or higher of the Stream Deck is required)

and then drag the Shortcut plugin on to the buttons you wish to use with vMix from within the Stream Deck software.

Once assigned to a button, create a shortcut within vMix as normal (See How to add a Shortcut).
To locate the button on the controller, click the Find button in the Add Shortcut window.

If the shortcut Function relates to a particular input, the Display setting can be changed to Thumbnail to show a live video preview

of that input. The button display on the Stream Deck updates approximately 4 times a second.