This data source supports XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, HTML, PDF and XPS tables.
Multiple tables can be utilised from a single file simultaneously.

If the first row of each table contains the names of each column, tick the "Use first row as column names" tick box in the Settings window.

Google Sheets

This data source supports Google Sheets that have been shared to be viewed by anyone.
From within Google Docs, click the Share button in the top right hand corner.

Then click Get shareable link

Finally copy the link provided into the URL box in the vMix Data Source Settings.

Google Sheets also requires an API Key which can be created by following the instructions below.
How to create a Google API Key


Use any web site address in RSS format with this data source. RSS is commonly used by news sites, blogs and other online information sites.


Select any text file to use as a data source, for example Stream Labels on Twitch Alerts.


Select any XML compliant web site or file to use as a data source.
To select which XML element to use as a data source, the XPath setting will need to be filled in.

For more information on the XPath format, refer to the Wikipedia page below:


This supports JSON data that is stored as an object array.
Each element in the array will be treated as a row.