Preferred Deinterlacing

Select the preferred deinterlacing method, when using Progressive output formats in vMix.

For example, if you have a camera set to 59.94i and the Master Frame Rate is set to 29.97p, then vMix will deinterlace the camera according to the settings here.

Blend: Blends the two fields together to form a single progressive frame. Motion blur may be seen on fast movement.

Discard: Uses the first field for each frame and discards the second. No motion blur during fast movement, lower vertical resolution than Blend.


Select the file formats that will be played using the built in FFMPEG decoder. 

QuickTime files and MXF files are enabled by default.

Note: This option is only available under the 64bit version of vMix.


Select custom decoders to be used for various video formats. It is recommended that these be set to Auto.

MPEG 2 Video

Select a custom MPEG 2 codec to use when playing DVDs and MPG files. 

Use vMix Deinterlacing

Tick this box to automatically set deinterlacing in vMix for DVD/MPG sources.

Set this option only if the selected MPEG 2 codec does not support deinterlacing. (such as the codec included with Windows 7)

MPEG Audio

Select a custom MPEG audio codec to use when playing DVDs and MPG files.

x264 Video

Select a custom video codec to use when playing x264, (h264) sources.

Filters - Blocked Filter List

This feature can be used to enable/disable problematic directshow filters from use within vMix. By default ffdshow is disabled.