Image Sequence / Stinger can be used to automatically load a series of images as an animation.

This feature can be used to create animations with or without alpha channels that can be used as Overlays or Stingers in vMix.

vMix will automatically search for the next image in the list based on the filename of the selected file.

For example if the image is called image1.png then vMix will load image2.png, image3.png and so on, until no more files can be found.


Sound can be added to an image sequence by creating an MP3 or WAV file and naming it to match the first image in the sequence.

For example if the first image is image1.png then the sound file should be called image1.png.wav or image1.png.mp3

This sound file will need to be in the same folder as the rest of the images.

The sound will then start playing each time the Image Sequence is played.

NOTE: When adding sound to an existing image sequence, the input will need to be added to vMix again for it to be detected.