Zoom: Zoom in or out.

Pan X: Pan from left to right

Pan Y: Pan from top to bottom

Rotate: Rotate image from right to left.

Crop X1: Crop from the left hand side

Crop X2: Crop from the right hand side

Crop Y1: Crop from the top

Crop Y2: Crop from the bottom

Each of these options can also be changed for one of the 10 layers through the dropdown menu.


The Copy and Paste buttons at the top of the Position window can be used to copy all position, crop and border settings from one layer and apply them to any other layer, evene on a different input. Simply click Copy on the layer to be copied, then go to the Input or Layer to copy to and click Paste.

Source Rotation Button

The source rotation button will adjust for the rotation of the source automatically zooming as appropriate to fit the newly rotated input in frame.
This is useful for inputs like vertical video.
Click the button to rotate 90 degrees each time, click multiple times to continue rotating in the clockwise direction.

Layer Borders

Borders can be displayed around layers by selecting one of the layers (1-10) in the dropdown box, ticking the Border check box and adjusting the settings as required.

Restrictions and Limitations

  • Setting a thickness of only a few pixels in size may not completely cover the edges of the layer. Increase the thickness until the edges are covered as expected.
  • A large radius may not completely cover the layer's border. Increase the thickness and/or reduce the radius until the corners are covered.
  • The Merge transition effect is not able to dynamically change the border in real time for performance reasons.
     If the border of an input is different between the source and destination of a merge, or the cropping is different then it will be hidden for the duration of the transition.
  • The thickness of the border is impacted by the Zoom, so if Zoom is set to 0.5 (50%), the thickness will need to be double that of a 1 (100%) zoom to look the same size.
  • Layer Borders support standard aspect ratios only (Widescreen 16:9, Normal 4:3 or Anamorphic) sources with different aspect ratios such a square will result in the border becoming distorted or stretched on either axis.