LiveLAN is a built in streaming destination in vMix that streams directly to a web page built into the vMix Web Controller.

Simply select the destination as you would any other streaming provider.

While the stream is running, the LiveLAN page on the web controller can be used to watch the stream from any supported web browser on the same local network as vMix.

This can be on laptops, PCs, smart phones and smart TVs that support HTML5 live streaming.

Performance Considerations

LiveLAN has been tested for up to 100 viewers at a time on a reasonably powerful six-core 3ghz CPU.
There is no fixed limit to the number of viewers, but both the performance of the PC and the available network speeds (see below) will factor in to the maximum possible.

Network Considerations

LiveLAN is intended for use on the local network only. To calculate the amount of bandwidth needed, multiply the number of viewers by the bitrate specified in the Streaming Quality,
adding in approximately 10 to 20% extra to account for potential overheads.

For example, in the above screenshot 2.5mbps has been set as the Streaming Quality.
If there will be 50 viewers on the stream, this will require approximately 2.5mbps * 50 = 125mbps + 20% = 150mbps.

Note that browsers standards including HTML5 and HLS do not support any form of Multicast, so bandwidth allocated to each viewer is necessary.

Security Considerations

As the Web Controller can also provide access to control certain parts of vMix, care should be taken to ensure it is adequately secured before setting up LiveLAN.
For example the Web Controller Settings can be configured with a password, with certain pages excluded.
Therefore it is recommended that a password be configured and only the LiveLAN page be excluded from password access.


A delay from vMix to browser of around 10 seconds is typical with LiveLAN and it is not possible to reduce this.


LiveLAN uses a HLS compatible stream internally for streaming to the web page.
This can be accessed on the local network by HLS compatible software like VLC by using the following URL format:


Where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the computer running vMix.

Note this HLS stream is not compatible with streaming to internet streaming providers requiring HLS and is only for viewing streams directly from vMix.