Adding Local Desktops

From the NDI / Desktop Capture tab, a tab called Local Desktop Capture can be selected to capture the screen or window from the same computer.

This enables high performance full frame rate capture of any active window, including windows hidden behind vMix or running on a separate display.

This is great for capturing programs like Skype.

Windows 7 Note: "Aero" theme must be enabled in order to capture individual windows.
Windows 8 or higher will always work when capturing individual windows regardless of theme.

Window Capture Method

Select the method used to capture individual Windows. 
GDI: This will work on the vast majority of systems with the exception of Windows Store apps and browsers such as FireFox and Chrome.

WindowsGraphicsCapture: This is available on Windows 10 1809 or higher and captures most applications including browsers and Windows Store apps.

DWM: This is available on earlier versions of Windows 10 and Windows 7 and can capture the same windows as GDI but with slightly lower CPU/GPU resource usage.