The Preset bar at the top left hand corner of vMix is where you can quickly save your production, including Inputs, recording and streaming settings to file.

This Preset can then be recalled again at a moments notice.

Each Preset contains the following information:

  • Each input and it's associated input settings (including positions, colour adjustments, chroma key, multiview etc)
  • Recording settings
  • Overlay settings
  • Any shortcut keys assigned as local
  • Any activators assigned as local
  • Audio settings for each input and all three audio buses (Master, A and B)
  • All PlayLists, including the active PlayList if applicable
  • Category labels and settings
  • Streaming settings. All existing streaming profiles and settings will be replaced with the settings from when the Preset was last saved
  • External Output settings including Size, Frame Rate and Device, as per corresponding tab in Settings
  • Outputs configuration (for example if MultiView is selected for Fullscreen) as per corresponding tab in Settings
  • Data Sources and related settings

In addition to the above, if the Preset was saved with a different Master Frame Rate or Output Size then what is currently configured (1920x1080 29.97p for example)

then a message will appear asking to confirm these changes. 

Any media used by inputs including Videos, Images, Photos, Title templates etc will be referred to by filename only.

So if the Preset is used on a different system, be sure to copy any media assets and place them in the same folder locations.
The exception to this is the special vMix Preset Bundle file which is described in more detail in the Preset Bundle section.

All other settings can be saved and recalled from the Settings Import/Export buttons

NOTE:  In the Open Preset window, the Append button will add the selected inputs only, ignoring all other settings.