In vMix Replay, events represent short clips of time for one or more camera angles.

As vMix Replay records continuously, these events can be edited, changed and deleted at any time without losing any footage.

Use the Mark In/Out buttons, shortcuts or controller buttons to create new events as required.

See the Live and Recorded modes overview to find out which times are used when creating events.

Within the user interface, each event has the following columns:

A 3 or 4 digit number (customisable in replay settings) that unequally identifies each event.
This number is fixed when created and cannot be manually changed.

When copying an event, the copy will have a new number assigned.


The start time of the event.


The finish time of the event.

The time between In and Out


When -- this means it will play the event at whatever the previous event speed is. If no events specify a speed, this will be the speed the controller is currently set to.

When set to a specific speed, the event will play at that speed, and that speed will become the new default speed for any subsequent events with no speed set.


These columns represent the up to 8 camera angles available. Checking each box enables playback of that angle when playing the event.

Right click the text boxes next to the check boxes to input text to help identify each event and angle.