Different types of Inputs provide a right click menu to quickly access advanced settings associated with a particular input type.

The following is a list of some of the right click menus available


Show/Hide PlayBack Speed: Displays a dropdown box next to the input to control the speed of video playback in real time.


SlideShow Settings: Shows the SlideShow settings window.


DVD Menu, Next Chapter, Previous Chapter, Jump To Title

NDI / Desktop Capture

Change the NDI or desktop capture source on the fly using the right click menu


Title Editor: Show the Title Editor window.
Title Presets: The Titles right click menu will also show title presets if they have been configured.


Select a video or audio file to jump to in the List.
See List for more information.


Reset: Resets the input to the settings when it was first added.

Web Browser

Go Back / Go Forward
Properties: Displays a window to change the web site URL.