vMix supports Multi Bitrate streaming with both the FMLE and FFMPEG streaming applications.

There are two methods of configuring Multi Bitrate depending on the requirements of your streaming provider.
Please check with your streaming provider if you are unsure.

Single Stream Key

1. Select your streaming provider from the Destination dropdown box under stream 1.

2. Configure the first stream bitrate from Quality.

3. Configure up to two additional streams by selecting Stream 1 Multi-Bitrate as the Destination for stream 2 and optionally stream 3.

4. Untick Use Stream 1 Quality on each of these streams to configure an independent bitrate from the Quality dropdown box.

Multiple Stream Keys

If your stream provider has given you a separate stream key for each stream, then configure these
streams by selecting Custom Multi-Bitrate as the Destination dropdown and type in the separate URL and Stream Key for each stream.