1,2,3 Buttons

These buttons allow streaming to up to three different streaming providers simultaneously. See Using Multiple Destinations for more information.

These buttons will only appear when selecting FFMPEG as the application. (See Applications section below).


Create one or more profiles with unique streaming settings, for example one for each streaming provider.

Only one profile can be used at a time.

Click Add to add a new profile that contains a COPY of the settings from the current profile. Delete to delete the currently selected profile.


Select from one of the built in streaming providers, or select Custom RTMP Server if you want to enter in the streaming details manually.

When using a built in streaming provider destination

Type in the username and password given to you by the streaming provider and click Login to retrieve a list of Channels.

Select the channel you wish to stream to.

When using Custom RTMP Server


Enter in the streaming provider URL for example rtmp://example.com/live

Stream Key

Also known as a Stream Name or Stream. For example myStream


See Streaming - Advanced


Select the encoding profile to use for the stream. A number of built in presets are included or you can click the cog icon to customise these.

See Streaming Quality for more information


FFMPEG (Recommended)

This is a free streaming encoder installed with vMix.
FFMPEG supports H264, AV1 or HEVC video and AAC audio.

FMLE (Legacy)

Use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder as the streaming encoder. Requires Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to be installed.

FMLE has built in support for H264 video and MP3 audio. For AAC audio an additional plugin can be purchased from MainConcept.

This is an obsolete encoder and is not recommended by most streaming providers. FFMPEG should be selected in most cases.

Use Hardware Encoder

This check box is available for most NVIDIA graphics cards and substantially reduces the CPU usage of the computer when streaming by taking advantage

of the hardware encoder (called "NVENC") built into most recent NVIDIA graphics cards, including the GeForce 2050, 3050 and 4050 and higher.
Check the NVIDIA web site for more information.

NVIDIA GeForce cards support a maximum of 5 simultaneous encodes per computer.


Save all streaming settings and start the stream. This button will light up Red when running in addition to the Stream button in the main vMix window.

View Status

View some technical information on the stream while it is running. This is useful when troubleshooting connection issues.

Save and Close

Save all streaming settings and close the Streaming window.