The professional waveform monitor can be turned on within the Preview window and the Input settings window by clicking the colour bar icon as shown below.

Waveform RGB

Displays a waveform of the red, green and blue colour channels on top of each other as shown below.

Waveform Y

Displays the Luminance waveform only.

Parade RGB

Displays three separate waveforms representing the three colour channels Red, Green and Blue.


Graphs the chrominance portion of the video (Cb,Cr or U,V channels) as an X/Y plot.
Colour squares indicators representing 75% and 100% Red, Magenta, Blue, Cyan, Green and Yellow are displayed at the relevant points
for easy calibration. For example the lines on a standard colour bars or test chart (such as those provided in Add Input -> Colour) will line up perfectly
with the coloured squares when the colour is calibrated correctly. Thus using a test chart on a camera source will allow accurate colour correction to be achieved.


Some monitoring options have a + Preview option which shows the monitor side by side with a live video preview of the input.