vMix supports hosting and joining a Zoom meeting within a live production and receiving the audio and video of each participant for incorporation into your vMix live production.


  • Add the video and audio of each participant as a separate input in vMix.
  • Support for up to 720p and 1080p where supported by the Zoom plan and account (refer to Zoom web site for more information)
  • Send out custom audio and video from vMix into the Zoom meeting. (one custom audio/video feed per meeting)
  • Chat integration allows you to display chat messages as GT graphics using vMix Social
  • Support for displaying the Screen Share of each participant.


  • Requires vMix HD edition or above for 1x Zoom Input
  • Requires 4K, Pro or Max edition for multiple Zoom Inputs, limited only by computer performance, network bandwidth and your Zoom plan
  • Free Zoom accounts support up to 360p per participant
  • HD (720p and 1080p) support requires a paid Zoom plan, refer to the Zoom web site fore more information on enabling HD support:

Getting Started

See the Getting Started page to begin.