The vMix Video Codec is a free recording format that provides high video quality with low CPU usage, suitable for use in post production video editing on Windows PCs.

The following is an overview of its features and capabilities:

  • Easy to use with no configuration settings required such as bitrate or quality.
  • Very low CPU usage requirements, allowing multiple channels of HD and 4K on a modern Intel i7 or i9 PC.
  • Records to the standard AVI video format which is compatible with most Windows video editors such as Adobe Premiere and Magix Vegas Pro.
  • Recordings are fault tolerant which means they can be recovered in the event of a power outage.
  • Supports SD, HD and 4K at all frame rates including interlaced broadcast formats.
  • Variable bitrate codec adapts to the content being recorded to provide an optimal balance between quality and practical file sizes for post production editing.

File Size Estimates

  • 4K60: 700 - 900 Mbps (~350 GB per hour)
  • 4K30: 350 - 450 Mbps (~175 GB per hour)
  • HD1080p60: 200 - 300 Mbps (~110 GB per hour)
  • HD1080p30: 100 - 150 Mbps (~55 GB per hour)

Editing recordings on other computers

vMix AVI files recorded using the vMix Video Codec can be edited on any Windows PC in most video editors including Adobe Premiere and Magix Vegas Pro.

Simply install a copy of vMix on any system used for editing. vMix does not need a license on these computers and does not need to be activated, but does need to be installed.

Converting vMix AVI files to ProRes MOV

vMix includes a program called vMix Media Converter that can transcode multiple vMix AVI files to ProRes MOV files.

This program can be located in the Windows Start Menu.