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Streaming settings for YouTube Live- Events

YouTube Live- Events
1. From your YouTube account go to Creator Studio, then Under Live Streaming go to Events.
2. Configure your live event, then under Type select Custom and click Create Event.
3. Then select Basic Ingestion and enter your ingestion settings that corresponds to your maximum sustained output. This will depend on what your Internet upload speeds are. When the step appears to Select your encoder, choose other encoders from the list and note down the Stream Name and Primary Server URL. Click Save changes.
4. In vMix under the Streaming Window, select Custom RTMP Server and enter your Primary Server URL and Stream that YouTube provided.
5. Make sure the Video Bit Rates and Encode Size match those selected in the YouTube Live settings.
6. Click Save and Close to save your YouTube Stream settings 
7. To begin the stream click the Stream button in your vMix window or open the Stream window and click Start to begin sending the stream to YouTube Live.
8. If you want to add these YouTube settings to vMix just open up the Stream window and click Add. Once there select a name for your YouTube profile.
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Last Updated: Friday, 8 April 2016 3:26:52 PM