vMix 07 July 2016

vMix Expands Social Media Integration to Include Instagram Content For Live Video Production!

Gold Coast, Australia- July 7, 2016 – vMix continues to close the gap between content creators and viewers by adding Instagram support to vMix Social. “Viewer interaction is the key to maintaining and growing a loyal user base and Instagram support in vMix allows an immersive social media experience like no other live production and streaming software.” Says Tim Vandenberg, vMix COO. “With our existing Facebook and Twitter support, the addition of Instagram now covers all social media bases and is a great inclusion for those with a large Instagram presence.”

vMix Social is a free application within vMix that allows users to bring in content from Twitter, Facebook and now Instagram. This feed can include text, usernames, user photos and content photos. vMix natively supports photos which is great for Instagram enthusiasts looking to utilize photo content in their live production. Instagram support includes the ability to search for hashtags and usernames and then display them instantly within a vMix production.

Connecting with a live audience is vital for any production today. Using a hashtag for a live or online event has been proven to increase viewer times and interaction. vMix Social allows you to use an event hashtag to accumulate and moderate responses before sending them to air. These responsibilities can be handled by a separate operator and doesn’t need producer input, freeing them to take care of the production.

These vMix updates are available to be downloaded today.
For more information about vMix and Instagram, visit vMixSocial.com

About StudioCoast PTY LTD

STUDIOCOAST PTY LTD is a multimedia software and web services company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Established in 2010, StudioCoast released vMix, a new cutting-edge live production software solution that utilises the latest in computer hardware to enable live high definition switching and streaming on an ordinary PC.