vMix Call allows you to add remote guests to your vMix production with high quality audio and up to HD video.


  • Quickly add remote guests to any production using only a web browser and a web cam. 
  • Supports guests connecting with Google Chrome (Version 56 or higher) and FireFox (Version 50 or higher) on Windows, Mac and Android.
    As well as iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) running iOS 11+ using the Safari browser.
  • Peer to Peer Encryption between each guest and vMix ensures a secure, low latency connection.
  • Auto Mix Minus technology automatically handles the audio mixing for each guest, preventing echo and saving time.
  • Full Duplex high quality audio for all guests and return feed
  • Built in return video/audio feed for each guest with configurable quality up to HD 1080p 4Mbps.
  • Select any of the four outputs (4K and Pro) as the return video for all guests.
  • Select Master, Headphones, Bus A to Bus G as the return audio feed for all guests. All options have Auto Mix Minus technology built in.
  • Dynamic bandwidth estimation automatically adapts the quality of each guests video on the fly to match changing network conditions.
  • Video and audio for each guest is available over NDI automatically.


  • vMix Call requires a copy of vMix HD (1 Guest), vMix 4K (4 Guests) or vMix Pro (8 Guests)
  • vMix Network Connection: Recommended 2Mbps Up/2Mbps Down network bandwidth per guest.
  • Guest Network Connection:  2 Mbps Down / 600 Kbps Up network bandwidth for the guest side connection.
  • Quad Core Processor 2Ghz (up to 2 guests) or 4Ghz+ (up to 8 guests)
  • Recommended Guest Requirements

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