Workflow changes since version 23

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vMix Replay has undergone some significant workflow changes in version 24 which are outlined below for reference.

New Replay Session and Recording Format

To facilitate higher camera and 4K formats, vMix Replay now uses the vMix AVI format for its recordings instead of the previous MPEG-2 MPG files.

As a result, a new replay session folder will need to be created.

Existing replay session folders can be opened and viewed in 24, but should no longer be used for new productions.

vMix AVI files can be imported into Adobe Premiere, Magix Vegas Pro directly, or the Export Clips feature can be used to export in MP4 format.

vMIx AVI cannot be uploaded directly to sites such as YouTube, Twitter etc, so exporting in MP4 will be required to use these platforms.

vMix AVI files also have a slightly higher bitrate as they are higher quality at 4:2:2 vs the previous format's 4:2:0 format, so recording remaining times
may be reduced by up to 20%.

Independent Output Channels

In previous releases, A and B outputs were fixed to the same time for both.
In 24, these are still linked by default, but can now be used completely independently if required.

Events can be played back in A while events are edited in B and vice versa.

Shortcuts also allow assigning tasks to a particular channel as needed.

Event Transition Overlapping

In previous releases, a transition effect between events would occur after the out point of the previous event

and before the in point of the next, leading to playing back extra video at the end and start of the two events.

In 24, this has been changed so the transition effect will overlap the end and start of the two events.

Operators will need to consider expanding the in and out times of events if they wish to emulate the previous behaviour.

ShuttlePro v2 Controller Changes

ShuttlePro v2 Jog/Shuttle controls in previous releases were fixed and could not be changed.
In 24, the ShuttlePro v2 now works as a fully customisable replay controller.

As a result shortcuts need to be added to replicate the previous jog/shuttle behaviour.

The buttons have also changed from ReplayA, ReplayB functions to standard MIDI numbers.

The new built in ShuttlePro v2 replay template in Shortcuts has been updated to emulate all the previous behaviour
and will need to be imported into shortcuts for all users that used this controller in version 23 and prior.

Event Cut/Copy/Paste

Events can now be copied and pasted using a cut/copy/paste workflow.

The previous workflow of copying and moving via menu numbers is still available if preferred.

Per-Event Speeds

Each event can now have independent speeds assigned on playback, or left as default.

See Creating and Editing events for the specific playback behaviour of this feature.