Camera is used to load in supported Video Capture Devices and Video Cameras.


Select the device to use here.


Specify the capture input to select such as SDI or HDMI.


Specify the capture resolution to use.

Frame Rate

Specify the frame rate to use.


Untick the interlaced Check Box if the source video is in PsF format. (Progressive segmented frame)

Video Format

If the selected Video Capture Device supports more than one video format (such as YUY2 and YV12), vMix will select one of these formats automatically.

If the automatically selected format is not suitable, a specific format can be enforced here.

Audio Input

Some cameras support selecting a particular audio input or channel here.
If using an AJA, Blackmagic or Magewell device, EmbeddedAllChannels can be selected to bring up to 8 channels of audio in at once.

These channels can be then be mixed from the Channel Mixer.

Audio Device

Select an Audio Device that matches the video capture device. 

Audio Format

Select the Audio Format for the audio device above.