Click Change to change the source of this input while preserving all settings including colour adjustments, chroma key, position and multi view.


Name: Change the name of the input as it displays in the title bar.

Mouse Click Action: Select the action to take when the preview window of this input is clicked. By default this is to send the Input to preview.

Aspect Ratio: manually change the aspect ratio of the input.

Category: see Categories

Deinterlace Blend: Turn on blend deinterlacing

Sharpen: Sharpen blurry video. (This requires a high end Graphics Card)
Mirror: Horizontal mirror

Automatically mix audio

Automatically Play/Restart/Pause with Transition

Audio Settings

Create Virtual Input

Copies the settings and contents of this input into a new Input.

The Virtual Input depends on the original input in order to display video, so if a camera input is closed

any virtual inputs created from that camera will become blank.