vMix supports eight independent stereo audio mixes or buses called Master (or M), A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

The output of this audio mixes can also be independently selected for the Recording, Stream and External Output as described below.

Enabling an Audio Bus/Mix

The Master mix is enabled at all times however, the A to G buses will only be enabled if a device is selected from the dropdown.

To enable the A to G buses, do one of the following in Settings -> Audio Outputs

1. Select Enabled from the dropdown box.


2. Select from the dropdown a free device and channel on an audio device (such an ASIO audio interface)

Audio Mix Channel Options

Master: 2 Channel Master mix

BusA: 2 Channel A mix

BusB: 2 Channel B mix

MA: 2 Channel Master + 2 Channel A (4 channels)

MAB: 2 Channel Master + 2 Channel A + 2 Channel B (6 channels)
MABC: 2 Channel Master + 2 Channel A + 2 Channel B + 2 Channel C (8 channels)
MABCDEFG: 16 channels

Selecting the Audio Mix


Select the audio mix from the dropdown box next to Audio in Recording Setup

NOTE: Only the AVI video format and the WAV File Record options supports more than 2 channels, if a 4 or 6 channel option is selected here for other formats
then only the first 2 channels will be included.


Select the audio mix from the Channels dropdown box in Streaming Quality Settings

External Output

Select the audio mix from the Audio Channels dropdown box in Settings -> External Output

AJA and Blackmagic devices support 2, 4, 6 and 8 channel output. When embedding up to 8 channels in SDI, the remaining
8 channels will be left silent.