vMix supports a number of Tally Lights options

Smart Phone Tally Lights

vMix supports turning any Smart Phone into an instant Tally Light!
See the Web Controller Tally Lights section for more information.


Tally lights can be purchased from http://www.tally-lights.com and connected via USB.
These lights work automatically with vMix and will be assigned to Inputs according to the tally number.

(Tally 1 = Input 1, Tally 2 = Input 2, ...)


USB Tally lights from metaSETZ are supported by vMix and can be found at http://www.metasetz.com/


More information on Radio-Far tally lights can be found at http://www.radio-far.com/

Arduino Tally Lights

vMix supports the use of custom built Tally Lights through use of the open source Arduino hardware platform. (See http://www.arduino.cc/)

vMix required that the StandardFirmata firmware be loaded on to the Arduino device.

To connect to the Arduino device, go to the Input properties (click the i button) and from the Tally Light tab, select the COM port of the Arduino device and select the Tally Number.

The Tally Numbers are assigned to individual Digital Pins on the Arduino in the order specified in the Tally Lights tab in Settings.

The following is an overview of the digital pins and how to attach LED lights to them: