Use the Web Browser input to add any web page to vMix.



Type in the full web page URL that you wish to display. For example:

Width, Height

Specify the Width and Height in pixels when rendering the web page. 

If these are set to a size smaller than the vMix Output Size, the web page will initially be displayed centred and at the reduced size.

This is handy for HTML widgets you may wish to use as Overlays as they will show at the correct size and simply need to be moved into position

from Input Settings - Position.

Mouse Control

Once added, the web page can be controlled by clicking and dragging the mouse on either the Input window or the Preview/Output within vMix.

Keyboard Control

Keyboard use within the web page can be enabled by right clicking the input and selecting the Keyboard Enabled option.
IMPORTANT: When this option is enabled, keyboard shortcuts in vMix will no longer be active.
To enable the keyboard shortcuts again, right click the web page and disable the Keyboard Enabled option.


The Web Browser input in vMix supports transparent backgrounds and alpha channel when used by sites such as TwitchAlerts.

To create your own page with transparent background, simply create a page where the background colour for the <body> element is not specified.

Right Click Menu

Right click on the Web Browser input to Go Back, Go Forward or change the web page from the Properties window.


The Web Browser Input utilises the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) and has most of the features available in the Google Chrome browser.

This includes HTML5 video and audio playback and other media features such as WebRTC.


Audio is fully supported with the Web Browser input and can be independently mixed just like any other audio source in vMix, no desktop audio capture needed.