Once one or more Zoom inputs have been added (see Getting Started), setup the meeting for the inputs by clicking the Click here to Connect bar under one of the inputs.

NOTE: Only one meeting can be setup in vMix at a time across all inputs. This is a Zoom imposed limitation.

Setup Window

This window is where you will configure all the Zoom settings prior to starting or joining a meeting.

1. Click Login to login to your Zoom account.

You can register for a Zoom account by visiting the zoom.us web site.
Note: Logging in is optional when Joining an existing meeting hosted elsewhere.

2. Host a Meeting

Click Host a Meeting if you wish to host a meeting from within vMix.
This will show a list of meetings available on your account.

If the Host a Meeting button cannot be selected, make sure you are logged in first.

If there are no meetings present, first create or schedule a meeting from the Zoom web site. Then return here and click the Refresh button to update the list of meetings.

3. Join a Meeting

To join an existing meeting instead, click Join a Meeting.
This will allow you to enter the Meeting ID and Password for the meeting you wish to join.

Click Paste Invite Link to use any Zoom invite link currently in the clipboard to populate the Meeting ID and Password fields automatically.

4. Your Name

Type in a name you wish to be displayed to other participants in the meeting.

5. Capture Mode

This option selects which Zoom meeting method vMix will use to retrieve the raw video and audio feeds of each participant.
Recording: This will use the Zoom "Recording" feature to retrieve the feeds. (Note: no files are actually recorded on Zoom in this mode)
Streaming: This will use the Zoom "Streaming" feature to retrieve the feeds. (Note: no live streaming will actually occur from Zoom in this mode)

If the login has a policy set to disable either Recording or Streaming on your Zoom account, then one of these modes may not work.
In this case, switch to the other capture mode or refer to the person responsible for setting your Zoom account policies for more information.

6. Max Participant Resolution

This is the maximum resolution you wish to receive for each of the participants within vMix.
Note that HD resolutions will need to be enabled on your Zoom account first by contacting Zoom support. 
Additionally, the Group HD video toggle in your account settings will need to be enabled on the Zoom web site.

See the Zoom web site for more information on enabling HD support.
If you select a resolution here that is not enabled, Zoom will automatically revert to the highest supported resolution.

Note: This is a maximum resolution only and Zoom may dynamically change this at any time depending on factors like network congestion, the participant's camera and account limits.

7. Return Feed (To Participants)

Video Source: Select one of the outputs in vMix that will be seen by other participants.
Audio Source: Select the audio bus in vMix that will be heard by other participants.

Note: vMix will automatically apply a mix minus to the audio source, which will exclude all the participants audio from being sent back into the meeting.

Note: Only one return feed can be sent per meeting. If more than one input is used, the return feed settings of the first input to be setup will apply and cannot be changed throughout the duration of a meeting.

8. Connecting to the Zoom Meeting

Once all the settings have been configured click Connect to begin connecting to the meeting 
Optionally click Save For Later if you only wish to save the settings but not connect to a meeting at this time.