I cannot connect to a Zoom meeting

Check the error message that is displayed within the added Zoom input for further information.This may display errors such as "Incorrect Password" if the password used to join a meeting is incorrect.

If the message says Disconnected it means the meeting has ended. Right click the Input and select Connect to try connecting to the meeting again.

The Zoom meeting is connected but the video/audio is blank

Items to check:

  • Check that the participant has their microphone and/or cameras turned on within the Zoom app.
  • vMix requires the Zoom Recording Permission or Zoom Streaming Permission in order to receive audio and video.
    (Depending on what Capture Mode was selected during Setup)

    Check which permissions are enabled on Zoom account hosting the meeting and try again.
    The settings on the Zoom web site that need to be enabled are:

    Zoom.us -> Settings -> Recording -> Local Recording (turn this on)
    Zoom.us -> Settings -> Recording -> Hosts can give meeting participants permission to record locally (tick this box)

  • The meeting host will receive a prompt asking for permission to Record or Stream. This must be accepted by the host, otherwise audio and video will not be received by vMix.
  • Try right clicking the Zoom input and selecting Disconnect. Then once disconnected try right clicking and selecting Connect.
  • Ensure that no Zoom permission request popups have opened in the background of Windows that are awaiting your approval. vMix may need to be minimised to find them.
  • Audio/video will not be received if Automatically Record Meeting is enabled in the Meeting settings on the Zoom web site.