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Step 1

This will display a browser window in order to login to Facebook.

A Facebook account is required to view content.

Step 2


To find a Facebook post directly from vMix Social, type in the name of the page (without the full url) and click Find Posts.

The most recent posts will be added to the drop down box for selection.


The URL option can be used to find comments on public posts that are not part of a Facebook Page.

Important Note: Not all content will work due to privacy and other restrictions on Facebook.

To retrieve the correct URL, follow the steps below:

1. Locate the Facebook post you would like to use.

2. Copy the URL to this post and open it in a browser that is not logged into Facebook. (such as in an Incognito window in Chrome)
(This is important, as the URL in the next step will not work if copied while logged in)

3. Under the Facebook post title there is a grey date link. Right click this link and select Copy Link address.

4. Paste this link into the URL field in Facebook settings.

Show only comments containing Photos

Filter all content and only display comments that include a photo.