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Step 1 - Install vMix

vMix Social requires a copy of vMix 12 or higher installed on the same machine.

vMix Social is responsible for collating and organising social media content before sending it to vMix for display.

Step 2 - Add Title To vMix

You can use one of the Title templates included with vMix Social or create your own using vMix Title Designer which comes with vMix.

To add a Title provided by vMix Social:

       Click Add Input, select the Title / XAML tab and browsing through the Social or GT Social tabs.

To add a Title created using vMix Title Designer / GT Designer

       Click Add Input, select the Title / XAML tab and click Browse to locate your custom template.

Step 3 - Start vMix Social

Double click the vMix Social icon to start the application.
Note: vMix Social needs to be started on the same computer as vMix.

The interface is pictured below:

If vMix Social does not show vMix Connected after 30 seconds, see Troubleshooting

Step 4 - Configure Data Source

Step 5 - Configure Title Settings

Step 6 - Configure Title Mappings

Step 7 - Connect to a Data Source

Step 8 - Select content using the Web Interface