Using vMix Social with a Hardware Switcher

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vMix and vMix Social can be used together to send a high quality Title to an external hardware switcher if you will not be using vMix as your main production system.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide to setup both vMix and vMix Social.

2. In vMix click Add Input and select the Colour tab. Click the Colour selection button to and select Green.

Note: The colour selected will need to be one that
a) is supported for keying by your hardware switcher and
b) is different from the colours used in the Title.

3. Once the Colour input has been added, click the cog icon under the Input to bring up the Input Properties.

4. From the MultiView tab select your vMix Social Title from drop down box next to [1]

5. This will create a single input containing your Title with a green screen background suitable for keying with a hardware switcher.

There are three ways this output can be sent to your switcher:

1. The Fullscreen output in vMix to send this image to a second computer display output,

2. The External Output option to send this image to an HD-SDI output on a supported output card such as the UltraStudio Mini Monitor by Blackmagic Design.

3. Using the Outputs option in vMix to send this image out via NDI.

Refer to the vMix help file for instructions on how to setup either of these output options, including how to send alpha channel outputs using NDI.