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How to convert a Video into an Image Sequence

Image Sequences can be used in vMix to create seamless looping animations with alpha channel.
To create an Image Sequence from an existing Video, follow the steps below:

1. Download the free FFmpeg tool. 
The latest windows release can be found below:

2. Extract the 7-Zip FFmpeg download to a new folder such as c:\ffmpeg
You may need to download 7-Zip to do this (

3. Find the ffmpeg folder in windows, hold down the shift key and right click the folder. Click "Open a command window here"

4. Type in the following command to convert your video into an image sequence:
ffmpeg -i "c:\videos\" -an -f image2 "c:\videos\video%05d.png"

Change the blue filename above to where your video is located and change the red filename to where the image sequence should be saved.

5. Open vMix (x64), click Add Input, select the Image tab and browse for the first file in the image sequence (usually video00001.png). Tick the "Image Sequence" checkbox and click OK.

Image Sequences will on average use around 60MB of memory for every second of video.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 October 2013 9:10:42 PM