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How to connect cameras to vMix

Cameras can be connected to vMix through the use of Video Capture Hardware which can convert the video signal
into a format the computer can understand.
A list of supported hardware can be found below:
First find the capture hardware that supports both the type of connection on your video camera (such as HDMI or SDI)
and also the connection your computer supports. (Such as Thunderbolt, PCI-Express or USB 3.0)
Note that if the computer or laptop only has USB 3.0 ports, a maximum of two cameras can be connected regardless of the video capture hardware used.
A couple of connection examples are listed below:
Camera Connection Computer Connection Video Capture Hardware
1x HDMI or HD-SDI USB 3.0 Magewell USB Capture HDMI / SDI
4x HDMI PCI Express x4 Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI
4x HD-SDI PCI Express x4 AJA Kona 4 or
Magewell Pro Capture Quad SDI or
ViewCast Osprey 845e
4x HD-SDI Thunderbolt AJA IO 4K
6x Analog USB 3.0 Magewell XI006AUSB


Last Updated: Saturday, 9 July 2016 3:08:26 AM