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Why do I see a blank screen or error when using a Blackmagic card?

Blackmagic cards need to be set to the exact frame rate and resolution of the camera in order to a appear correctly programs like vMix.
If these settings do not match the camera, a blank screen will usually appear.
Please try the following steps to confirm the resolution and frame rate of the camera:
1. Run the Blackmagic Media Express software provided with the card.
2. From this program configure the settings until you see the correct picture.
3. Make note of these settings and close the program.
4. Run vMix and click Add Input and go to the Camera tab.
5. From the dropdown Camera menu select the option that exactly matches the name of the device you are using
 For example "Intensity Pro" or "Decklink SDI 4K" 
6. Select the Resolution and Frame Rate settings that match what worked in Media Express.
Note: that most cameras that support 60i/30p are actually 59.94i/29.97p so select this option instead.

Last Updated: Friday, 7 August 2015 12:09:01 AM