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How do I stream to Facebook Live with vMix?

vMix 17 has direct integration for live streaming to Facebook Live. All you need is your Facebook username and password!
Here is our video guide on setting it up-
If you are using an older version of vMix, you'll need to use the custom RTMP Server method. Your Facebook page may also need to be Verified. 
1. To stream from vMix you just need to go the Streaming Settings and use the Custom RTMP Server option from the menu...
Facebook Live Streaming set up vMix
2. You will then need to source the URL and Stream Key from Facebook.So log into your Facebook account and go to the Publishing Tools section up the top. Then click Live Videos and then Create.
Facebook Live Streaming set up vMix
3. Then you'll need to use the Facebook Server URL and the Stream Key under the Separate Fields section. Just copy and paste these two fields into your vMix Streaming settings.
Facebook Live Streaming set up vMix
4. Use the Server URL and Stream Key from Facebook Live and copy them into vMix like the image below. Once you've added those, click Start Stream to start the stream to Facebook Live.
Facebook live
5. Now you're able to set up your stream with Facebook Live. When you're ready, click Go Live and you'll be streaming to your Facebook page!

Last Updated: Monday, 13 June 2016 9:34:59 AM