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JLCooper ES SloMo J USB with vMix Replay

As of version, vMix supports the JLCooper ES SloMo controller with USB.
vMix supports this controller as a MIDI controller, which means any of the buttons and controls can be assigned to any shortcuts.
Important Note: this controller does not work as an independent replay system without vMix and it does not add any functionality not already available in vMix Replay, it is designed as a controller only.
Setup Instructions
1. Plug in the controller to an available USB port
2. Download the Windows Drivers for JLCooper USB Controllers here:
3. Extract the zip file to an empty folder on the computer.
4. Right click the install.cmd and select Run as Administrator from the menu and follow the instructions
5. Start vMix and the controller should automatically be detected displaying "vMix Connected" on the controller's LED screen.
Basic Replay Shortcut Template
vMix includes a basic shortcut template designed to control basic replay functions using this controller.
To apply this template:
1. Go to Settings in vMix and select the Shortcuts tab
2. Click Templates
3. From the left hand menu select the Replay JLCooper * template then click the Apply button at the bottom of the window.
4. Click OK at the prompt to confirm. This will replace any existing shortcuts you may have already created for this controller with this new template.
Shortcut Template Operation
The shortcuts in this template work as follows:
T-Bar: controls slow motion speed from 10% (bottom) to 100% (top)
Jog/Shuttle: inner wheel manually moves through video frame by frame in both directions
Replay: plays currently selected event
Rewind: plays backwards at 4x speed
R-Play: plays backwards at 1x speed
Stop: pauses playback
Play: resumes playback at 1x speed
F-Fwd: plays forwards at 4x speed
Frame-1/Frame+1: moves back/forward by a single frame
W1: highlight previous event in list
W2: highlight next event in list
Mark In: mark in from current position
Mark Out: mark out from current position
Manual Time: open up Play By ID window
Clr/Esc: Escape key, close window
Enter: Enter key, OK button
Numpad 0-9: Type numbers into active window
Machine Control 1-4: select Camera angle 1-4 to the Replay A output

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 7, 2017 11:03:41 PM