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General Overview

General Overview and Demonstration

This video will go through all of the vMix basics. How to get started with vMix, Adding Inputs, Transitions, Recording, Streaming and Titles. Never used vMix before? This is the video for you!

What is vMix?

A quick animated video about what vMix is. Don't know how you've ended up on our website and want to know more? Watch this video for some more info!

vMix Feature Video 2016

A two minute video listing ALL the major features in vMix for 2016!

Getting Started With vMix

Episode 1- Installation

Just starting with vMix? Find out how to download and install it!

Episode 2- The Vmix Interface and Adding an Input.

Learn about the vMix interface and how you can start adding inputs.

Episode 3-Creating a Production

This video takes a look at putting together a live video prodution including videos, titles, cameras and overlays.

Episode 4- Streaming and Recording

Learn the basics of live streaming and recording in vMix!

Episode 5- What computers and equipment will you need?

Take a look at what PC and equipment you'll need for live streaming with vMix

Episode 6- Frequently Used vMix Features

Learn about Shortcuts, Presets, NDI and more with this tutorial.

Basic Training Videos

Titles and Overlays

Learn how to use Titles and overlays in your vMix production

vMix Interface

Take a look around the vMix interface.

Live Streaming

Learn how to live stream your production from vMix to your favourite streaming provider such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more!

Chroma Key and Virtual Sets

In this video we will be demonstrating the chroma key and virtual set capabilities in vMix.

Multiple Displays

In this video we will show you how you can use a second display to display your vMix output.


Learn how to setup and record your vMix production to file.

vMix Web Controller

Learn how to control functions in vMix remotely using the vMix Web Controller.

Stinger Transitions

Learn how to create and use stinger transitions.


Learn how to create and use shortcuts in vMix.


Learn how you can use Triggers in vMix to help automate your live video production.

Facebook Live Streaming Tutorial for vMix

Learn how to stream directly to Facebook from your vMix live video production!

Using the Merge Transition Effect in your production.

The Merge Transition Effect is a great way to transition when using the vMix Multi-View!

Using the Time and Countdown Timer Titles

The time and countdown timers are a great way to use sports clocks or the local time in your live productions.

vMix Data Sources

This video will show you how to use external data sources through the Data Sources feature in vMix.


Program your MIDI devices to control lights and motorized faders in vMix.

Learn how to add layers to your vMix inputs.

This video will show you how to create inputs with multiple layers that allow you built complex shots with multiple elements.

Create custom static titles in vMix

Create titles in your favourite image editing program and then make custom titles in vMix.

Tips for getting started with Facebook Live

For those new to Facebook Live streaming, this video will take a look at what you might need for a professional production.

What capture device should you use?

This video will take a look at the 2 types of capture devices you can use for live streaming. Internal vs External...what's best for your production?

Streaming to Twitter and Periscope.

Learn how to stream directly to Twitter and Periscope in this video

vMix Automation through the Playlist feature.

This video takes a look at the PlayList functionality in vMix.

Using Shortcuts and Triggers to streamline your production.

Using Shortcuts and Triggers can make complex tasks easy and this video takes a look into our monthly live show to see how we use them.

vMix Input Tutorials

What are Inputs?

In this series of videos we'll look at what Inputs are and how you can use them in your live video production.

How to use Input Settings

In this video we'll look at the different settings you can adjust for your vMix inputs.

How to add a camera to your live production

In this input tutorial video we look at adding cameras to your live video productions.

How to add a video to your live production

In this input tutorial video we look at adding video files to your live production.

How to add a Web Browser input into your live production.

This video will show you how to input Web Browsers, YouTube Videos and Twitch Overlays

How to use the List Input in vMix.

Use the vMix List Input to create a list of video, audio and M3U playlist files that can be played as 1 input in vMix.

How to add DVDs to your live video production in vMix

Learn how to easily use DVD videos and menus directly from the vMix interface.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint in your live video

vMix allows you to use PowerPoint presentations in your live streaming productions from the same computer.

Adding an Image to your live production

Add images quickly and easily to your vMix production.

Photos Input - How to add an image slideshow to your live production

The Photos Input in vMix allows users to add a folder of images into vMix to create slideshows or a mini playlist of images.

How to add an NDI input to your live video production.

NDI allows you to add inputs across a local network! This includes outputs, desktop captures, cameras, audio and much more.

NDI and vMix

NDI (Network Device Interface) is a technology that makes it easy to send and receive multiple channels of broadcast quality, low latency video over an existing Gigabit Ethernet Network. Click here to find out more on NDI and vMix.

vMix CEO discusses NDI & vMix

The following video talks about what NDI is and how it will improve your live video productions with vMix.

How to use NDI with vMix

This video will show you how to use NDI with vMix. You'll learn how to add NDI sources in vMix and also how to make your vMix production a source for other NDI devices.

vMix Desktop Capture for NDI

Learn how to use the vMix Desktop Capture for NDI application to use your computer desktop as a source in your live video production.

Using NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud plugin with vMix.

Create live titles and videos in Adode Premiere Pro and After Effects and play them directly into vMix via NDI.

vMix Tech Tips

Bringing Skype Calls Into vMix

The above tech tips has been taken from the vMix Fun Time Live show.
For a full guide on setting up Skype in vMix, please consult our Knowledgebase Guide.

Video Frame Rates

This video talks about frame rates with video production in vMix. This is a clip from our vMix Fun Time Live Show.

Using the BlackMagic Decklink Quad 2 Capture Card with vMix.

This video will explain how to use all 8 channels of the BlackMagic Design Decklink Quad 2 capture card.
For more information, please see the vMix Knowledgebase Guide.