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vMix Software Edition Upgrades

Upgrade your licenced vMix registration key

If your production workflow has changed and you'd like to upgrade your current vMix edition registration key - you can purchase an upgrade by only paying the difference between the original edition purchased and the one you wish to upgrade to. Please find upgrade pricing listed in the table below.

To upgrade you will need a copy of your existing vMix registration key. To purchase an upgrade, select the Buy Now button above.

Not sure what to upgrade to? See our Comparison Table.

Important Note:  Upgrades are only for upgrading a previously purchased vMix registration key.

If you have the Free Basic or 60 Day Trial key, please visit the Purchase page to purchase a full licensed registration key.

Upgrade To vMix SD vMix HDvMix 4KvMix HDvMix 4KvMix 4KvMix ProvMix Pro
Price $90 USD $290 USD$640 USD$200 USD$550 USD$350 USD$850 USD$500 USD
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Upgrade To vMix SD vMix HDvMix 4K
Price $90 USD $290 USD$640 USD
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Upgrade FromVMIX SD
Upgrade To vMix HDvMix 4K
Price $200 USD$550 USD
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Upgrade FromVMIX HD
Upgrade To vMix 4KvMix Pro
Price $350 USD$850 USD
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Upgrade FromVMIX 4K
Upgrade To vMix Pro
Price $500 USD
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vMix Version Upgrade

If you have an older version of vMix that is no longer eligible for a free version update, you can upgrade to the latest version by clicking the Buy Now at the top of this page. Version upgrades cost $60 USD and gives you access to one extra year of version updates. The current vMix version is vMix 20.

Purchase vMix 20 Upgrade

Important Note:  We recommend firstly checking to see if your key is already eligible for a Free Version Update.

Click Here for how to find out if you are eligible for a Free Version Update.