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Streaming error Could not enumerate system devices

When attempting to stream in vMix, you may receive an error message that contains the following:
Could not enumerate system devices
This error is due to a corrupt configuration of one or more audio and video devices installed on the system.
This may be due to some 3rd party software that has recently been installed (in particular other "virtual camera" software, or 3rd party "codec packs").
This error may also occur due to system cleaning or registry cleaning software damaging the windows installation, so these should be uninstalled as well.
After removing any software matching the above descriptions, reinstall vMix using the latest version from our web site at https://www.vmix.com/software/download.aspx
If the error persists, a reinstall of Windows is required.

Last Updated: Sunday, May 14, 2017 2:25:07 AM