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Setting up Elgato Capture Devices with vMix

vMix currently supports the following Elgato Capture Devices:
Game Capture HD60S
Game Capture HD60 Pro
Please note that only one Elgato device can be used with vMix at a time.


1. Download and install the 3.50.127 Elgato Game Capture software from the following web site:
2. Download the following configuration tool:
3. Connect the Elgato Capture device to the computer if it is not already.
4. Open the vMixElgatoConfig.exe file in the download and run it.
5. Click the Configuration button to open the Elgato Configuration Panel.
Under the Profile dropdown box you can select which resolution to enable when using the device in vMix.
For example, it will default to 1280x720 but this can be increased to 1920x1080 if supported by your video source.
6. Click Done when finished and close the Elgato Configuration Tool.

Adding to vMix

In vMix click Add New Input, select the Camera tab and from the Camera dropdown select Elgato Game Capture HD
Click OK and the video should now be visible as an Input in vMix.

Last Updated: Saturday, 9 November 2019 12:22:29 PM