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Facebook / YouTube Stream Audio very low, muted or missing

If the audio in the vMix recording is fine, but very low, distorted or muted on the stream this can be caused by incorrect audio cabling from the Microphone into the computer. This issue most commonly occurs when playing back on mobile devices that have only a single speaker.
Most microphones are "balanced" and cause problems when connected to a computer audio input that expects "unbalanced".
What happens is the microphone sends two mono signals, both the exact opposite of each other.
So if a site like Facebook, or a mobile device mixes these together you will get a very low distorted signal as most of the audio is cancelled out.

To fix this, use a proper computer audio interface that supports XLR, or as a short term fix in the vMix audio mixer, click the cog icon for the audio input, change the channel to "Separate Mono" and drag the right audio level all the way down to 0.

Last Updated: Thursday, March 16, 2023 8:34:40 AM