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vMix Social title does not update correctly

You may receive the following errors in the vMix Social log with titles only partially updating:

Send 500 Internal Server Error
ImageDownload The given path's format is not supported
This error is caused by an incorrect Title Mapping, solve this:
1. Make sure vMix is running with the title you wish to use added and selected in vMix Social.
2. Click Edit Title Mappings in vMix Social
3. Look for any entries that do not match and correct them, for example assigning "Created" which is a date to an image field such as Source or Photo will generate an error.
If you are unsure, assign them all to None then change them one at a time, close out the window and click Refresh Title to confirm the assignment works.
Repeat this process until the problem is found or resolved.

Last Updated: Sunday, March 18, 2018 11:56:05 PM