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What is the process to purchase vMix?

Below is a step by step guide of what to expect when purchasing vMix.
Note: vMix is a digital purchase only. We will send you a registration key via email. No physical dongle or attachment is required, and we are not able to ship a physical product such as CD-Rom or USB.

1. Try the free 60 day trial before purchasing

You download the installer from our Download page:
Note that vMix requires a computer that meets the minimum requirements below:

2. Purchase a "registration key" from our web site

If you are satisfied with the vMix trial you can purchase a "key" from our Purchase page:
Payments are accepted via Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer and more.
Follow the steps on the purchase page to find out what payment options are available in your Country.

3. We will email you a registration key when payment has been received.

We will not ship anything to your address, the registration key is 12 digit code we will send you via email only.

4. Type in the registration key into vMix to activate your purchase.

The guide below describes how to do this:
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Last Updated: Monday, May 28, 2018 3:12:39 PM