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How G-SYNC improves Laptop performance

NOTE: G-Sync is only of benefit to vMix Laptop users. If you have a PC, then it is not needed. (Though all recent PC GeForce cards support it regardless)
One of the biggest performance issues we encounter with laptops is with NVIDIA Optimus.
In a nutshell, NVIDIA Optimus routes all graphics through the integrated Intel Graphics before reaching the display, reducing performance for apps like vMix. As a result, we recommend laptops that have direct access to the NVIDIA graphics in order to achieve the best possible performance. Determining this from the manufacturer specs alone is often extremely difficult. However now this has been made easy with G-Sync. While vMix itself doesn't use G-Sync or need it, the technology itself requires direct access to the graphics card in order to work. Thus G-Sync is the way to know if the laptop is going to offer the best possible graphics performance.
Only one small thing to note: some newer G-Sync laptops may still have Optimus available, but will always have a switch in the bios to turn this off. So be sure to turn it off if purchasing one of these laptops.
In Summary: G-Sync requires direct GeForce graphics access on Laptops. This bypasses Optimus and is therefore much better for graphics intensive apps like vMix.

Last Updated: Monday, August 13, 2018 11:58:50 AM